All You Need To Know About Web Designers [Infographic]

Dealing with a web designer can sometimes be an extremely pleasant experience, but it can sometimes also be one of the worst.  It’s just not in this industry that we come across perfectionists and egocentric people that stick to their guns no matter what.  It goes for both clients and designers, so don’t think that it’s just one or the other.  It could always help collecting a little background information about the designer or the client you are collaborating with beforehand.  Of course, you will need to check out portfolios, prior clients or hired designers, but also some general information could add to your security and further increase the experience.

Tech King has compiled a huge infographic from several surveys and polls, and it is definitely a great way to gather information about what your potential designer is all about.  It includes what most designers charge per hour, inspiration, number of years freelancing and a bunch of other great pieces of information.

Before you hire that designer you have in mind, this could be a way to be prepared and make sure you know what’s average in the industry.  It is never a good experience getting into a collaboration with uneven demands and a contract that pretty much leads to nothing other than your having to pay for a service that in the end, would have cost a fraction of what you’re actually paying.  Knowledge is power, always.

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Compiled Data From Designer Survey's