Amazing Plastic Origami Hand-Bags, Suitcases And More…

Have you ever folded a paper airplane and thought you must probably be the best in your league at it? So be it, but when you consider that there are millions and millions of people out there that take origami more than seriously, you might reconsider even bothering to make that statement. Folding paper has become a huge art form, and more and more competitions are emerging for the people who want to battle their designs against others. However, there are some people that are taking origami one step further and away from the rest.

That’s exactly what the people behind Naoki Kawamoto Design have done, and it’s beyond impressive. Using a hard and glossy plastic material they have managed to combine Origami and Furoshiki (which is a technique where you apparently take, for example, a handkerchief and take the opposite edges and use it as a bag to carry stuff in it) and created something called Orishiki.

The results are mind blowing hand-bags, suitcases and lots of other things. When you are no longer using your bag, you just open it up and unfold it into a bare sheet of plastic, and stash it away somewhere. There are everything from clothing cabinets to a future line of guitar cases, backpacks and transparent clothing hangers. The possibilities are endless when you think about it. The fact that these things are more than stylish and truly unique would make even the most exclusive brands a little bit nervous about sales. I bet that you won’t find anything even remotely as unique and futuristic in this area. What are the prices? I have no idea. As far as I know, they are just in the process of launching them, but if anyone knows, please enlighten us. They are amazing creations if you ask me!