Paper Airplane: Building A World Out Of Paper

How many of you created paper figurines when you were in kindergarten? Or how many of you sat down with a paper and a pair of scissors just cutting stuff out and then gluing it together to form something that you could proudly give to your parents? I guess we all did, and it was about the most creative process we could endeavor into when we were that young. As the years go by, we seem to lose some of that creativeness and instead focus on work and other money related objectives. But don’t despair, there are still plenty of people that find a pair of scissors and a piece of paper the ultimate tool for story telling.

People Too is such a group and they do it wonderfully. It’s almost like stepping inside of a Tim Burton movie a’la The Nightmare Before Christmas without the plasticine figurines. Nope, these stories are entirely told in paper craft. The careful execution and the lively characteristics in the figurines are just a marvel of imagination. You can really see the emotions on these characters and what they are doing.

Your thoughts immediately start to wander towards the hopes that People Too could be working on some kind of paper animated movie. The many different characters they have created in their portfolio is more than mind twisting. Everything form brotha cool to flight attendant.

Have a look at these wonderful and beautiful creations and let yourself be drawn into this world of a paper. Never has a paper airplane on its way to somewhere been so exciting to look at. Just let yourself be inspired by the details of it all.