An Artistic Dedication To Our Beloved QWERTY Keyboard

As a geek, when you are feeling a little tired and lazy, there is nothing cozier than a QWERTY keyboard. You can quickly type messages without even looking at the screen. It’s not as sleek and sexy as a touchscreen keyboard, but it’s fast and easy.

I hope we always have the option of a QWERTY keyboard, although, since it seems everything touchscreen is taking over the world, the QWERTY keyboard’s days are probably numbered. At least when that keyboard is gone for good, we’ll have the artwork of Sarah Frost to remind us of what it was like to use it back in the day.

Sarah, an artist currently living in St. Louis, collected thousands of keyboard keys to create these huge grids of keys. Who would have guessed that old, dirty, used keyboard keys would have so much personality? When you think about it though, if our keyboards could talk, they could tell quite a story. They are there for us with every email, tweet, Facebook update and letter we typed on it. It only makes sense to create a piece of artwork to remember it when it is replaced with the latest and greatest technology.

I’m sitting here giggling right now because Sarah’s work and how it is presented is so classy and elegant. However, there was someone else who commemorated the QWERTY keyboard a while back that I wrote about too. He used the keys to make a geek car which is, well, let’s say not quite as classy but dammmmmn cool. I put one picture of his car below, but if you would like to see more, you can go here.

[via This Is Colossal]