An Upright Piano Turned Into Epic Computer Case Mod

Creative people have always impressed and inspired me to push my own knowledge further. There is a kind of spark that lives in every single person that is creative, and if you are able to tap into it, you can become even more inspired yourself. As you all know, there are several kinds of modding out there and each and every one is a major time and money consumer, so when I see something that has been taken from ordinary to extraordinary, I become humble towards their creation. Recently I have come across a couple of insanely creative computer case mods that I have shared with you all. It is time to unveil yet another one that I find truly mesmerizing.

David Scothern, a brilliant designer and creative force, decided that he needed something different in his house. So, he bought an old upright piano on Ebay and started modding. The interesting part isn’t exactly the mod itself, it’s its features really. First off, when you no longer want the view of the workstation, you can just close the cover and it will appear as a perfectly normal and ordinary piano.

The other “feature” is that the mod is so frickin’ huge. Usually mods come in small and detailed packages where the creator has used the original casing of the computer and just glorified it beyond expectations. However, this one has a whole lot more body to it. It’s the perfect interior design piece if you want to be able to hide that you’re a computer geek, and instead act as if you actually have an artsy intellectual music vein running down the core of your spine. Brilliant build!

Via: [Lifehacker]