Art Created From Discarded Garbage Bags

I am very aware that I have shown you such extraordinary artists on this blog that now the bar has been raised. I cannot feature just any artist, they have to be really special, their creativity has to beyond ordinary imagination and their creations have to keep your attention for more than a moment.

I think I have found another such artist to share with you. We’ve already established that a true artist can create art out of anything, anytime, anywhere, right? How about discarded garbage bags or shopping bags? What would you be able to create with those?

Joshua Allen Harris creates a lot with just plastic bags that people have thrown away and some tape. He is a New York City street artist that creates inflatable “subway art” from these plastic bags. He incorporates the wind and exhaust systems to inflate them.

Joshua was interviewed by and I found these two answers very inspiring:

What inspires and informs your work? While I was walking on the street, I happened to notice a piece of orange construction tape rising from a subway exhaust grate. It just glided skyward, almost asking for attention. I then became interested in what that wind could do and how I could work with it.

What are the materials that you use? Is there any significance in terms of that and of location? I have been constructing these sculptures out of discarded shopping bags. Recently I think we have all become more aware of our human footprint and what it means for our environment. And that we all have a space in our kitchen where these bags begin to accumulate. The two ideas just seemed to fit, the subway system could inflate the unused bags giving them a new purpose and I could experiment with the wind.

This environmentally friendly installation is one of the best I’ve seen, I love it!