Art Going Useful | Secret Storage

Art, the one thing we all have in common. How you wonder. Well, we all look at it each and everyday and we either love it or hate it. It never have a use really. Art is quite a selfish object if you ask me. It’s an object that always ask for an opinion and attention. There’s no other use it has. Honest and true. Well, until now really. Someone went and spent a few thoughts on it and really came up with a useful solution to it.

A Turkish design company figured out that if they put some artful behind the art itself they could create a use for the art displayed on a wall and they pull it off quite geniously if you ask me. What it does is that it’s sliding the art sideways and opens up some secret storage room for DVDs books or whatever you want to putt behind it. Little do the viewers know about what’s hidden behind this canvas full of colors. Have them guessing and I am sure it will take them quite some time to discover where the TV is really located. Or, put speakers in there and blast them away. They will never be able to tell where the sound is coming from.

I couldn’t find a price for this piece of awesomeness but you can find out more information about the sliding art piece at their official website.