Art With Salt: Link & Super Mario Created With Salt [Videos]

Salt is probably one of the most important ingredients when cooking, and I am sure most people out there don’t use salt for any other purpose than cooking or sprinkling on food. The thing is, I didn’t either until I came across a couple of videos last night. Salt can make pretty much anything taste at least good enough to eat when it comes to food. We probably don’t appreciate the importance of salt until the shaker is empty and suddenly our food tastes… well, boring as hell. There are of course other uses for salt, but we have to somewhat invent them. For example, you can use it to create art.

The Canadian artist Bashir Sultani knows exactly how to switch it up and create some stunning art with a few salt shakers and some pieces of plastic for precision. Not only does this artist use salt as the main material for the creation of his art, he uses colored salt to make the whole thing even more impressive. I think by now most of you know of an artist who uses sand and creates stunning artwork in real time (I can’t seem to remember what her name is or where she is from at the time I am writing this).

The skills this salt artist has are amazing, and both of these videos showcase those skills in the very best way. I especially like the Super Mario video, and I guess it’s because it’s the ole retro Mario. So, next time you’re invited for breakfast somewhere, maybe it’s time you break out the salt shaker and start creating. On second thought, if you lack the skills, maybe you’d do best in just keeping it low key since you will most likely come across a little bit odd (if not a LOT) by salting the table like you had the intention of eating it. Maybe it’s just not a good idea at all really, better stay safe then sorry I guess. (There are plenty more videos to check out on Bashir’s YouTube channel).

Salt Link And Super Mario