Artistic Inspiration: Laptops Created From Wood Scraps

It seems like everyday there are new articles published with ways we can help to save our environment. It’s so important that we all make an effort to do what we can to be nice to our planet, after all, for the moment, it’s the only place we have to live.

One thing I’ve learned and that we’ve written about over and over again on Bit Rebels is that even doing small things that seemingly have no effect can add up to a big thing over time. Even taking a moment to plant a tree, separate our trash to recycle or pick up glass on the beach can be very helpful. The important thing is to just do something, because no matter what it is, it adds to the collective efforts of everyone and it will make a difference.

Lately it seems as though many artists are inspired by helping our environment. It is so refreshing to see an artist find a way to give new life to an item that was previously destined for the trash can by transforming it into some kind of art or design.

Here is just a sampling of things like this that we have written about in the past:
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This is yet another example of how something that might seem like trash, in this case, scraps of wood, can be turned into something beautiful like a wooden laptop design. I love the detail and the personality on this artwork. Very nice! Designer: Paul Henry

Recycled Wood Scrap Laptop Art

Wooden Laptop Environmentally Inspiring Designs

Recycled Wooden Laptop Creations

Via: [Recyclart]