Aura: Classy iPad Case Molds Functionality With Detail!

I don’t know what it is, but I have suddenly started to frenetically interest myself with iPad cases that really have that little extra. I like the functionality and detail that marries them both together without looking or feeling awkward. There is always that little period after a gadget has been released when people real try to find and understand the gadget in order to be able to create the ultimate accessory for it. The iPad has had its period, and now we are seeing a landslide of new products being released on the market. Some are just a way for the developer to make money, and others are pure works of art.

As a designer, I have always appreciated the detail and the craftsmanship in any product, no matter what it is. It doesn’t matter to me if the product meets a million of my requirements, if the product looks awful then I simply don’t fall for it. The Aura from iSkin is a beautiful fresh iPad case that truly has that extra functionality added to it. Not only does it look stunningly beautiful, it will also enable you to angle your iPad when you want your hands free to write of simply relax while watching a movie or two.

I also get that little retro feeling over it. It has something to do with the leather and the stitching in it that oozes geek. The orange-like color isn’t exactly whispering either, which further enhances the look and feel of that cool and geeky vibe. For just $119.90, this awesome case will protect and preserve that awesome piece of hardware you depend on so much. Let the geekiness in you go classy, and you will find that the rest of the world will pay attention. Delicious!