Badass Bathroom Mirror Advertising

I bet when you first looked at the images below, you immediately thought that was some interesting advertising for sunglasses, right? It’s not. This is actually much more complex and creative than that. Let me explain. In Lebanon, the trend is that young people want to be watched when they go out, they want to be seen so to speak. They want to be noticed, and they want attention.

A nightclub called Riviera Prive in Beirut wants to attract the young trendsetters, so they’ve brilliantly put these bathroom mirrors in the hottest places around town. These aren’t your ordinary bathroom mirrors though, they are mirrors that give people a message they want to hear, and that is, that they are being watched.

In my opinion, this type of advertising is brilliant. It’s clever, it’s well done, it addresses a need, and it won’t be soon forgotten. One of the best parts of this campaign is that the ad actually adds to the essence of the bathroom instead of just looking like a big ad. The ad agency that came up with this idea is Republique Beirut. Since I live in the States, and I don’t have a need to be watched, for me it sends a different message. It makes me want to go buy a pair of aviator sunglasses. I forgot how good those look on some people.




Via: [Paper-Plane]