See Yourself Instantly: The Polaroid Picture Bathroom Mirror

This is another one of those oldie but goodies that I dug up from the archives of the Internet. We write about Polaroid cameras so much here on Bit Rebels that sometimes I forget Polaroid pictures are retro. To me, a Polaroid is a classic that will never go out of style, kind of like Volkswagen Beetles and Oreo cookies.

Today I’d like to share with you an ad that the Polaroid marketing department in Brazil supposedly came up with back in 2007 to increase interest in Polaroid pictures and cameras. I say “supposedly” because many people claim it is fake. I haven’t determined if it’s real or not, but that’s not really the point. The point is, it’s awesome Polaroid creativity that may spark some inspiration in you.

It’s called the Polaroid Mirror, and with the tagline “Check Your Looks. Instant Images,” it was displayed in public bathrooms in shopping malls all over Sao Paulo, Brazil. The person in the bathroom could simply look at the designated spot and snap an instant Polaroid picture to take with him or her out of the bathroom. The picture itself was supposed to be a substitute for looking into a regular bathroom mirror.

If that isn’t really your style, you might prefer the Polaroid picture compact mirror that you can tuck in your bag and take anywhere. I put a few pictures of that below for you also. That little design is called “Click” by Colin O’Dowd, and it would be perfect for anyone who loves Polaroid pictures. You can purchase one of these mirrors on Colin’s website for around $20. If you want to check out some other bathroom mirror advertising, you can click over to this sunglasses mirror design that advertised a nightclub in Beirut. I suppose the bathroom is a good place to advertise. I should know that from all the flyers that are usually taped to the inside of the bathroom stall doors.

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