Beginner’s Guide To Better Quality Photography [Infographic]

When it comes to photography, people seem to just jump into it, and that is good. However, it’s more than common that beginners soon start to complain about their equipment because it doesn’t product the good quality images they were promised when they purchased their camera. It doesn’t matter if it is an 18 megapixel compact camera or a 10 megapixel DSLR camera, that’s not what is going to make your photos look super clear and professional.

Yes, I am quite aware that I put the smaller megapixel number on the DSLR camera instead of the compact camera, and there was a reason for that. It caught your attention, didn’t it?

The thing is, a 10 megapixel DSLR camera can actually put out better images than an 18 megapixel compact camera, but that depends on your skills as a photographer. If you don’t know how to use the camera and the environment around you, there is no chance you will be able to take photos that looks like the ones in the advertisements or that the seller promised you when you asked about the camera. So, it all doesn’t entirely boil down to the number of megapixels you can cram out of your camera.

There are some basic tips that could potentially take your photography from crappy noob photos to the beginning of professional quality in a day or less. It all takes practice and knowledge, something that beginner photographers don’t seem to have the patience to put in. The most important variable of all when it comes to getting better quality in your photos is undoubtedly light. It all comes down to light. If you don’t have the right setting on your camera for light, and on top of that if you don’t take care of the light around you, you will get a crappy grainy picture that is most likely beyond saving.

Most people chuck the user manual when they buy a new gadget, including most photography beginners. But when it comes to cameras, it is absolutely vital to read through it and know exactly how the technology works that is going to ensure good quality photos. Don’t try and jump the steps of knowing your camera since you will most likely look like a complete noob when you start complaining about the quality of your photos and how your camera sucks. I am sorry to say, but it’s quite the opposite way around.

To further help you take better pictures, I found a really well done infographic that will take your skills to a higher level of understanding and help you take one giant leap towards more professional looking photographs. It is compiled by G. Juans, and it includes many of the really good basic tips and tricks you need to know before you start shooting your pictures.

It also contains a lot of technical explaining, which will give you an understanding about why light, for example, is so vital when taking pictures and how you can make up for it by just adjusting a couple of your camera settings. Don’t jump the basic stuff just because you are impatient. Instead, get into whatever you find out about your camera and photography, and you will quickly find that your photos will leapfrog into excellence in a day or two. Knowledge is experience when it comes to photography, so play around. Take as many pictures as you possibly can, and do it with different settings on your camera. Today’s technology allows you to experiment since you are able to delete your pictures if you are not satisfied with them. Don’t be afraid to delete images. We all take bad pictures, and we all delete them. Go nuts, have fun and above all, experiment! That is what it is all about.

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Via: [Cool Daily Infographics]