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The UI resources package is a unique component in the Application Navigator highlighted by a green symbol that influences the app’s appearance and style. To begin, the package includes all of the page files needed to construct well-designed, uniform pages, including page themes and critical components.

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UI Developers

A UI developer’s job is to use front-end technologies to bring innovative program designing thoughts and visions to existence. They comprehend the user interface layout approach in terms of its practical meaning and artistic vision, and they transform it into engineering software. A UI Developer acts as a link between the presentation surface and the backend surface, understanding both and filling a gap as a translational layer in between, ensuring that each achieves its maximum capability and is not harmed by the other.

Front End Developers

A front-end developer creates websites and apps employing software tools (such as HTML, CSS, DOM, and JavaScript) that operate mainly on Universal Web Platform or serve as compilation feed for non-web platform settings.

Working as a front-end web developer is among the best occupations in the world nowadays. It’s as if you’re a Medieval artist or a Space Race astronaut. They not only are watching but also engaging in everyday UI technology innovations as front-end web engineers. The environment is rapidly evolving, with new technologies and discoveries being made at an accelerating rate.

The goal of website design is to guarantee that when people visit the website, they view material in a meaningful and straightforward manner. This is hampered even further because visitors today use various gadgets with different screen sizes and resolutions, prompting the developer to examine these factors while creating the site. They must ensure that their website works properly on various platforms, operating systems, and gadgets, which demands proper management on the designer’s part.

Few of the Best UI Resources for Frontend Developers

1. Lordicon

Lordicon is an animating icon library with an extensive collection and limitless customization possibilities that brings your website, presentation, or app to life with the magic of motion.Users can change the color, stroke width, and spacing of each icon.

Lottie (.json) files are used in this method. Furthermore, you may customize complete sets at once thanks to fully automatic customizing operations!

Once customized, animated icons can be exported to various formats, including Lottie, GIF, Embed HTML, or even static PNG or SVG.

Lottie files are no images or videos; instead, they are provided as code. There are various interface options available, from the simplest tasks, such as inserting HTML code, to the most complex, such as adding symbols via specialized modules, to fully customized integration options for the website, smartphone, and software projects.

Lordicon provides two types of licenses:

Free: One can use the Lordicon library freely without making a profile, which has hundreds of symbols in all dynamic and animation formats, along with all icons in stable formats exclusively (PNG, SVG, EPS).

Pro: This is where the limit ends. With PRO you can access all icons in all formats!

Lordicon brings your website, presentation, or app to life with the magic of motion.

2. MeeroDrop

MeeroDrop is a platform that allows you to establish your hosting zone quickly. Modify the Links and emails sent over to your clients using the platform’s drag-and-drop feature. You can locate Drops with notifications and publish your documents in a personal area. Specialists, micro and midsize businesses use the program.

Designers invest a lot of time using limited digital transfer options to share graphical materials MeeroDrop was created to assist creators to save time and improve their production efficiency

MeeroDrop will give a free, straightforward, and interactive solution for all talented artists (video artists, editors, publishers, and so on) to exchange graphics on a daily basis.

3. VisibleThread

VisibleThreadwith measurable data improves the productivity, simplicity, and accuracy of RFPs, contracts, and mission-critical commercial writings. They provide software that impacts worldwide enterprises. VT Files is a set of documents for proposal writers that work on RFPs and agreements.

Minimize the risk, boost productivity and make sure you comply. VT Writer improves commercial writing with proof enhancements. For teams from throughout the company. Analyze qualitative enhancement throughout all business assets, both online and offline, with VT Insights- Optimize User Satisfaction with Group Insights.

4. Odrive

Odrive provides a Cloud storage UI for viewing personal Instagram pictures, files, and other documents, online. If you’re sick of having to enter into multiple services to view your Snapchat images, Onedrive papers, Twitter photos, and so on, Odrive could be the software for you.

5. SVGator

SVGator was created to make it easier to animate SVG. It’s a robust web platform for SVG animation with its most advanced tools that doesn’t demand any programming knowledge Morph, Filter, Color, Translate, Stroke, and other animators are available. It also allows customized easing mechanisms, snapping, and vigorous activities like trackpad animation, scrolling into display animation and clicking animation.

SVG animations are best for architects and programmers that want to use this software on the website rather than animated technologies.

6. Lottiefiles

Lottiefiles animation style is centered on JSON and utilizes a written, conceptual understanding of the animation components and action, as well as visual materials and interactive programming. In comparison to the option of employing movies or dynamic picture forms like APNG or GIF, Lottie format files are substantially less in storage while maintaining aspect independence through the usage of vector graphics.

This is the Web’s leading archive of Lottie/Bodymovin assets, as well as a platform for animation artists and programmers who use Lottie-type documents to build, evaluate, check, and promote animations.


These were a few of the best UI resources for Frontend Web Developers in which, in my opinion, Lordicon is the best among them.

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