Beware: Ladies with Huge Heads

If you are a big chicken like me, don’t look at these photos. This is the stuff nightmares are made of right here. Haha! There aren’t many things in life that truly scare me, but clowns are one of them. There is nothing scarier than an adult with paint on his face coming at you with a creepy smile. These huge heads below remind me of clowns, they are freaky and bizarre. Ironically, when I was in high school, I worked part time as a gorilla delivering balloon bouquets. They always wanted me to dress up as a clown, but I much preferred the gorilla costume.

Clown-like or not, I can appreciate the creativity and craftsmanship behind these giant doll heads. I am very impressed with this art installation. The heads are very light and made from fiberglass. They were created for a fashion show to model wigs. The wigs themselves are six foot long and very heavy.

According to, “The heads have a stem at the back of the neck that leads down to the waist where there is a back brace so all the weight is on their hips. The wigs are heavier than the heads, especially the geisha style one. They used dancers instead of models because they thought they might have more strength and balance.” You can read the original post here. Thank you to @The_Tech_Update for introducing me to these big headed ladies through his tweet.