World War II Double Exposure Photography Is Awesome

Photography is getting more and more advanced, and the motifs are getting ever cooler or creepier. There are no real boundaries with photography ever since we’ve had the computer as a tool to alter and retouch existing photographs into something that never really was. There have been several occasions throughout history (since the computer was introduced) that we have seen and heard about photographs being manipulated to the extent where the original image almost wasn’t even present anymore.

Even though these tools are skewing our view on reality, they can also be used to show a different and ultimately real reality. World War II is a war that we have seen documented over and over again. Who could ever forget the black and white documentary movies shown on the Discovery channel every single day. It’s necessary to be reminded of these wars so that we might be able to avoid any more in the future.

Russian artist and talented photographer Sergey Larenkov has taken on World War II in a way we have never seen before. He has managed to find the locations for a bunch of old photographs. He then traveled there to get up to date photos of the exact same locations. Not only are they from the same locations, they are also taken from the exact same spot as the World War II photographs. He later combined them in Photoshop. He’s managed to showcase the incredible differences between now and then. Simply amazing!