Branding Yourself Through Twitter Backgrounds

For those active on Twitter, one way to make sure that you stand out is via your avatar and your Twitter Background.  Your Twitter Background is the first image they will see when they view your profile and can be their source of information in deciding whether to follow you or not.  And here is a site that is dedicated to helping the Twitter community by providing customized backgrounds that one can use.  I am referring to

Why use one of Twitter’s stock backgrounds when you can have a custom Twitter background that will not only make you stand out from the crowd but also provide an excellent marketing opportunity? If you’re using Twitter to promote something you’re missing out on its full potential if you don’t consider the background as part of your promotion.

Your public image is important. The right corporate image can make an ordinary company great. The right personal image can help you succeed in life. Here, at Twitter Image, we think the right image is everything.” –

One has two options, to use the Free Twitter Backgrounds that includes a step by step feature or the Custom Backgrounds that will allow you to order one customized according to your preference.  The site also has the How to Manual to really help you set up your Twitter background.  Truly a great help specially to those who are new.  But wait they also design custom backgrounds for other social networking sites.    To find out more visit their site here.

Below are just some samples of their templates as well as backgrounds that they have created.