Bubble Wrap Tie: The Joyful Workday Has Arrived!

If you have ever had a day at work when you wished that time would go by faster to make it all as painless as possible, you know what I mean when I say that some days are just too stressful to handle with just a smile and a cup of coffee. We all get through them one way or another, but to relieve stress is a must, and we all do it in different ways. I am sure that the guys working in storage rooms around the world know that they have the best job on earth when these kind of days stack up. At least they are in the comfortable position of being able to pop the bubble wrap they pack items in for shipping as a stress reliever whenever they need it.

However, now you have that choice too, if you’re working in an office. I present to you the Bubble Wrap Tie from MicroWorks in Japan. Well, it’s not really available for you to buy, but at least you can dream of it coming to store shelves in the near future. I am sure it all depends on the interest this concept design gathers.

The bubble wrap is securely hidden on the back of the tie to make sure that you are the one popping those stress relieving bubbles instead of nosy co-workers out to make your life even more stressful. When in a boring or awkward meeting, you can securely pop a couple of those bubbles and pretend that you were not the one who popped them. It’s all about being stealth people. Stealth!