Check Out These Speed Paintings Created With Food

When I was younger, my parents always discouraged us from playing with our food. They always told us to finish our food and not waste it since so many people in the world are hungry. Well, if you use food as an expression of creativity, is it still considered wasting? I found two speed painting videos that showcase ketchup, french fries and chocolate as the painting medium.

The artists are very talented. It is not easy to paint with these ingredients. Since it’s a bit messy to work with ketchup and chocolate, these artists probably use a different kind of drawing surface than what we usually see. I give these artists credit for trying out this new technique. If you have tried illustrating, you know that it can be very difficult, especially with a human face as subject, and even more so when using food to paint with.

What do you do with fresh McDonald’s french fries and 10 packets of ketchup? You paint with them of course! This 50 min speed painting plays in 4 mins. Watch ketchup as paint and french fries as paint brushes.

Now With Chocolate Syrup and a Spoon