Kids’ Nightmares Interpreted By A Real Artist

Kids have vivid imaginations, and they usually doodle their thoughts down on a piece of paper. Proud of what they have drawn, they show it to the world knowing they will stun whoever they show their drawing to. However, there is a paradox to all this. What is not seen in the picture by us are all the colors, shadows and the other features that only the kid sees in his or her imagination. Usually their fine motor skills prohibit them from adding all the details that are in their imagination.

However, now we get an exclusive look into what a kid’s imagination really looks like. Painter David Devries has been interpreting kids’ drawings since back in 1998. And let me tell you, some of these drawings are just flippin awesome, and if I were a kid today with these kind of dreams and drawings, I would scare myself into never using a crayon ever again.

What’s unique with David’s interpretations is that he never diverts from the original drawing. He keeps everything just the way they are, even down to the exact outlines and features. Everything is there but he adds, should we say “body” to the creatures and freakers.

I wouldn’t mind getting some of these paintings and putting them up in the office or in the studio. Their personality and creativity is beyond cool and would make a perfect addition to any designer’s wall art collection.