Chocolate Lego Bricks: For Geeks With A Sweet Tooth

So by now I’m sure you know how much we love Lego on Bit Rebels. You also probably know that I love chocolate and write about it often. Whether it’s a crazy woman getting arrested over her missing chocolate cookies, or a group of artists creating an entire room made out of chocolate, I have a lot of fun bringing chocolate stories to Bit Rebels.

So today, I bring you the Holy Grail for geeks with a sweet tooth. It’s all about chocolate Legos (the sky is opening up and I hear an angel playing a harp). Yep, this is a dream come for me, and I’m gonna tell you all about how to bring these into your life.

There are two different ways to do it. You can either buy some chocolate Lego bricks from somewhere like LEGOLAND. On the Candy Blog, you can read one person’s experience doing that, and her review of their chocolate. The other option, which to me seems much more fun, is to just make them yourself. Keep in mind whenever you are dealing with a food craft that requires melting chocolate, it can be tricky; however, this looks relatively easy. First, you will need a few Lego brick ice trays to use as your mold. Each tray makes 10 Lego bricks and you can buy them on the Lego website.

Next, you’ll want to go to the Chocablog and follow the directions for melting your chocolate, filling your ice cube trays, cooling the chocolate and then removing them from the trays. These are definitely the best and most detailed directions I could find. And last but certainly not least, if you decide making chocolate Lego bricks is too ambitious for you, you could always do what these bloggers did and make cupcakes decorated with edible Lego bricks or make your own Lego brick sugar cookies.

Chocolate Lego Blocks For Geeks

Chocolate Lego Bricks for Geeks

Chocolate Lego Bricks For Geeks

Chocolate Lego Blocks For Geeks

Via: [That’s Nerdalicious] Image Credit: [Ryan The Scooter Guy]