Christian Louboutin 8-Inch Heels: NSFT (Not Suitable For Toes)

I know we write about shoes a lot on Bit Rebels, but just for fun today, I did a search for how many articles contain the words shoes, boots, pumps or high heels in the title. There are over 100! That may sound like a lot, but since at the moment there are 5,181 articles on the site, I suppose it isn’t that much. There is definitely room to add one more to our collection today.

Our “weird-shit-o-meter” is constantly being stretched to new heights (no pun intended), but I don’t think anything could ever top the human body stilettos that Richard wrote about. Could you imagine having plastic surgery to carve your own heel into a stiletto? Nah… That was a Photoshop creation to give you a giggle.

These shoes; however, are very real. Glamour Magazine calls them NSFT (Not Suitable For Toes), and of course they are a work of art, and not intended to be actually worn. Well, that is, unless you are either Lady Gaga or Victoria Beckham. These suckers would probably put regular people like you and me in the hospital or something. Both of these pairs of shoes were created by Christian Louboutin for different events. The first pair below (the black ones) were for a Fetish exhibit at the Galerie du Passage in Paris. They look painful to wear, but I guess that is part of the point. Both pairs of shoes were inspired by ballet slippers, and both have 8-inch heels. In addition, the soles of both pairs are bright red, in classic Christian Louboutin style.

The second pair (the silk beige ones) was designed to be auctioned off at a charity event to support the English National Ballet last summer. They are encrusted with Swarovski crystals. Every cosmo girl knows that Christian Louboutin look hot, but they are often painful to wear. I’m sure these are no exception. He says, “I don’t believe suffering makes you beautiful, but comfort is not part of my creative process.” I couldn’t find the exact price these ended up being auctioned off for, but I think it was somewhere around $75,000. The money helped the English National Ballet with their tour expenses so they wouldn’t have to make any major cutbacks.

My hairdresser who loves to tease my hair up into the sky once gave me a card that read, “The higher your hair, the closer to God.” I’ve decided that applies to these shoes too.

Eight Inch High Heel Shoes

Eight Inch High Heel Shoes

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