DIY Festive & Colorful Holiday Lights Made With Candy

Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Festivus this time of year, one thing remains the same – ‘Tis the season of lights. Driving at nighttime is especially nice in December since there are bright lights everywhere. I can’t ever decide which I like better between the colored lights and the white lights. This year I’m decorating with colored lights, and I’m referring to the edible kind. If you are on a tight budget, or if you just want a super quick way to create something clever this season, these holiday lights made with candy might do the trick.

What you are looking at in the first picture below is a white plate or serving platter with a very fine line of green icing swirled around. Then the lights made from candy are placed strategically on the icing to look as if it’s a long string of brightly lit holiday lights.

Aside from green icing, all you’ll need to complete this project is a bag of almond M&Ms (you need the almond ones because of their shape, but in a pinch you can substitute peanut ones), a box of Mike and Ike original fruits candy and about ten minutes of time. This super cute idea was conceived by the blogger at Hungry Happenings. You can click over to her blog for the exact instructions.

You can display your new edible holiday lights made with candy in a dish, on a plate with the green icing like we already talked about, or even on top of some chocolate or vanilla cupcakes. Too bad these don’t really light up though. I suppose it wouldn’t be very healthy to stuff an LED in there, right? I’m sure us geeks can figure out a way to hack this little design so that it lights up brightly even though it’s made with candy, although that might make them not taste as good and the chocolate in the M&Ms might melt. Hmm, on second thought, these are perfect just as they are.

Festive Lights Made With Candy




Here is a Jelly Belly Cupcake Wreath if that’s more your style (click to enlarge).

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