Cigarette Pack Fighter Jets Will Help You Quit Smoking

As the world turns its backs on smokers more and more, which is making more people quit smoking, there is seemingly an urge to get creative with the leftover cigarette packages. Though you might have heard of those digital portable vaporizers as the trend now and is a healthier alternative to smoking the traditional cigarette we have these days. The experience when it comes to quitting the old cancer sticks is different for everyone. Some people pick it up again after a while, even though they managed to stop. Others even blame the social aspect of it, and they say they completely stopped being social when they stopped smoking. If you ask me, that’s the lamest excuse you could ever think of. But what can you do to halt your smoking and quit it for all time? There is actually a way that could work, and it involves getting just a little bit creative with your cigarette packs.

The creative part is good since smokers usually feel something is missing in their hands when they stop smoking. This little cigarette pack tutorial will put your hands to good use and completely wipe that feeling out of your mind. The people over at Izismile totally know how to make something awesome out of old cigarette packages. They have perfected the origami of puffing packs and managed to turn them into mind blowing fighter jets. I decided to compile their tutorial to easier give you an overview of the whole thing.

In this picture tutorial, you will be able to create your very own fighter jet in just 10 steps. You don’t need anything except your cigarette package and a little bit of dedication. The result is not only creative, but you will be one step closer to quitting smoking and breathing the fresh air of tomorrow, instead of the foggy stuff you inhale today. When creativity has two purposes, recycling and enhancing your health, you can’t help but get excited, right? Have a go at this cigarette package tutorial and let us know if you manage to put a couple together. You can use the cigarettes themselves for missiles and attach them to the sides of the jets you create. That way, you get to blow them up when you fire them, which will ultimately destroy the very thing that has kept you unhealthy for so long. It can’t be said in a simpler way, stop smoking, it’s not good for you.

10 Step Cigarette Pack Jet Fighter Tutorial


Via: [Obvious Winner]