What The Colors Of Your Clothes Say About You [Infographic]

If you have never given any thought to the colors you throw together when getting dressed, or even those that exist together in your wardrobe, why should you now?

The colors you choose to wear can have an impact on yourself and even the impression others form of you. Two important factors, indeed! So, read on.

Here is a little fact that matters: 90% of information sent to the brain is based on what is visual, and as much as 60% of that is based on color. It stimulates the brain and adds to variety and excitement in life. Can you even imagine a world where we cannot play with different colors? Marketers, artists, and interior decorators all use colors to affect moods and give impressions. Why can’t you?


True, we cannot influence exactly what impression we make on others, but we can nudge their perception of us in the right direction when we need to. [pullquote]There are times when we need to create impressions.[/pullquote] When seeing clients, attending job interviews or meeting new people in different types of intended relationships, whether it be personal or professional. The best tactic here is not to portray something you are not, but rather, think of one singular personality trait that you have and would like to highlight. Then choose your color and add your own flair to the best of your ability and liking. Accentuate your personality the way only you know how.


You are the one that knows yourself best. Give a little thought to which colors inspire you, the memories they invoke and the way they make you feel. Would you like to be noticed, or blend in with the crowd today? Do you feel like dressing to enhance your mood, or to lighten a dark mood? Or would you simply like to be creative? These are questions you can consider in deciding which colors to wear.

Other Factors

Consider also the environment you will be in. Fun, wild colors may say exactly who you are but would be totally inappropriate to wear to a funeral or a business meeting. If it’s a party you are attending, go ahead and dress your personality!

Different cultures can also change the meaning of your choice of hue. The most known example would be the purity of white that adds meaning to a wedding dress in Western culture, which means the complete opposite in an Asian culture; being used in times of mourning.

Fashion sense can play a role too. Easy to find the trend of the season and decide your preference. If you put all these factors together you will be able to choose the right color outfit every day.

The infographic below will help you make good decisions when shopping for a wardrobe, dressing for occasions and making future choices. Have fun!

What The Colors You Wear Say About You

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What Your Clothes Colors Say Infographic

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