Clothes Hangers | The new breed!

This one comes as a truly logic however geeky way of rethinking the clothes hanger. I have my share of shirts (even though I am totally a t-shirt guy and just fold my t-shirts, all boatload of them) and this is an interesting idea to say the least. If I tell you it involves an innovative hanger device and 2 PET bottles what’s your response? It’s a really interesting concept and the way it works is just too simple and too geeky to really try and explain.

It’s just one of those things that a ton of people would go an say -“Why didn’t I think of that” about. Well, bottom line is you didn’t and this one is going into my “Geek Innovations” book for sure. Now, the commercial value I am not so sure about as it includes 2 PET bottles in order for it to work but the geek factor of it may bring it up the ladder just a bit.

What I mean is, why would I go and by this and always count on that I have 2 PET bottles at home for it to work when I can just by a normal clothes hanger and not think about it ever again? Well, some just like that extra geek factor in their life I guess.

So if you’re a geek, make sure you go and pick this one up at your local geek store and make sure to show it off to your friends. I am sure they will go…-“what the frick!” when they see it. Oh, and if you’re a true geek I am sure you have a couple of Coca Cola PET bottles at home to use. After all it works with both the large ones as well as the smaller PET bottles. Hmm, those things must truly take up a lot of space in the wardrobe though…right? I mean, the large PET bottles are huge and you probably at max could fit like 5-6 of them inside you closet. Hmm, the decision is hard…

The award winning designer of this “Rethink Concepts” edition is Xuan Yu. I’d like to see his other concepts…quite interesting.