Trojan Horse Created From Thousands Of Computer Keyboard Keys

There are some things that are easy to recycle, some that are hard, and some that are just plain fun. Computer keyboard keys fall into the fun category. If you have a couple old keyboards, some creativity and a little spare time, you might be surprised what you can create with the keys. We’ve written about recycled computer keyboard keys used to create Pixel Portraits, Yoda Wisdom and even an entire Geek Car. Today I’d like to share another masterpiece made with those familiar keys.

This Trojan Horse inspired by Greek mythology was created with thousands of old computer keyboard keys. Artist Babis Pangiotidis made this rocking horse to symbolize many different things. Not only is there the obvious connection between the word “Trojan” and computer viruses, but it also represents how vulnerable we are online. Just like the infamous Trojan Horse, the Internet looks good and safe on the surface, but in reality, it can be harmful and dangerous.

According to Ignant, “We define ourselves by Facebook profiles, find our jobs online, buy teddy bears or Google the side effects of Viagra.” This gorgeous sculpture is supposed to bring attention to an unpleasant truth. Although I understand what it’s supposed to mean, I don’t really interpret it that way. In my opinion, there are as many good things about the Internet as bad. It’s a yin and yang that just needs to be balanced with proper education, safety precautions and time. This is such a stunning sculpture and an inspiring example of recycling in the form of art. I wonder how long it took Babis to create it. I wonder how long it took him just to collect the thousands of computer keyboard keys he needed to even start this project. You can see in the close-up picture below that each key has so much personality. I bet each one of them holds special memories and secrets inside.

Recycled Computer Keyboard Keys




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