Zen Of Yoda: Star Wars Wisdom Recreated With Old Keyboard Keys

Artists everywhere seem to be inspired by computer keyboard keys. We’ve featured so much fabulous art created by using those old recycled keys. I never realized until I started writing here at Bit Rebels all the different ways those keys can be used. This article about the guy who covered his entire car with brightly colored keyboard keys is definitely my favorite. I’m sure it would be hard to lose that car in a parking lot.

Leave it to photographer Henry Hargreaves, whom I’ve written about many times before, to come up with yet a new and very geeky use for some old recycled keyboard keys.

He used them to recreate some of Yoda’s most famous words of wisdom in an environment that actually resembles Dagobah (the swamp). Prop stylist Sara Guido assisted him so it would all turn out just right. I love these! In typical Henry Hargreaves style, every detail is taken into consideration including the lighting, the colors and the texture of this look. If you’d like to see some other fun photography by Henry Hargreaves, click over to his bacon font, his exploding eggs or his rainbow lunch. Very nice!

Star Wars Yoda Wisdom

Star Wars Wisdom Recreated

Star Wars Wisdom Recreated

Star Wars Wisdom Recreated

Star Wars Wisdom Computer Keys

Via: [Junk Culture]