Container Guest House: Pack Your Guests In Recycled Living

I have always found it hard to house guests to my own satisfaction. Whenever someone jumps by my place for a visit, I always want to house them like royalty instead of as friends. I don’t just want to show them to a room and tell them this is the place you will be calling home for the next three days. Once that thought hits your mind, you quickly realize you aren’t Bill Gates or Steve Jobs who can probably house a few hundred guests without ever even seeing them in their own home throughout their stay if they don’t want to.

The people over at Poteet Architects totally showed us that small living and also living in any free space available can be quite an experience worth trying out. The use of a spare and non-functional container can serve as a house for sure, if you have the imagination and the time to spend some love on it.

The guys that designed it recently won the 2010 San Antonio AIA Design Award for pimping out this blue container into a luxurious and chic living space. So as you can see, you can really make a change if you just have a little patience, some ideas and a heck of a lot of imagination. Imagine how much money you would save if you didn’t use that contractor to build your new house, and instead you did it yourself. On second thought, you should probably have the skills to do it first though. Hmm, what a dilemma.