Cook Your Food & Charge Your Gadgets With The Same Device

I love giving my hubby geeky gifts. Honestly, sometimes they don’t even hit my radar because companies do a poor job of marketing to women. I started thinking about this marketing problem today after listening to a Google+ Hangout that was hosted by Lynnett Young discussing the use of Pinterest. She had some interesting people on her hangout including Simon Salt. They were discussing the lack of men using Pinterest, and Simon was discussing how he uses it. My ears perked up when he said he created a pin board to help women find gifts that men would actually love to receive.

So, I popped on over to his space and followed his board full of fantastic geekery! The first thing that caught my eye was this environmentally thoughtful small stove that charges your smartphone, lights and USB gadgets when you travel or camp. The stove is created by a company called Bio Lite, and they recommend using wood or twigs (clean energy) that can be found around your campsite to fuel the fire. I know a few men who would love their significant other to buy them a cool item like this as a gift.

Personally, I love that the creators are passionate about supporting a better world and creating solutions to current energy and resource problems. That’s a gift I can get behind the purchase of. The stove showcases some pretty eye-catching product design. I can’t help but admire a company whose motto is to support a better world. They have great video footage highlighting HomeStove in action in countries where material poverty is prevalent and outdoor fires can be hazardous to humans and the world’s environment.

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Cook Food And Charge Gadgets

Image Credits: [Bio Fire] [The Gadgeteer]