Couture Dresses Made From Subway Sandwich Wrappers And Napkins

I almost didn’t write about this today because I didn’t want this article to appear like an advertisement for Subway, which it isn’t, but these dresses are just too creative not to share with you. Subway (the sandwich company) recently hosted a fashion show with dresses that designers made out of Subway sandwich napkins and wrappers. When the models walked the catwalk wearing these napkin and wrapper dresses, they looked like they were wearing high fashion couture.

This isn’t the first time Subway has come up with a creative marketing strategy to create a buzz, but this time, they’ve really outdone themselves. They held a contest to decide which designer (there were 4 designers) made the best Subway sandwich napkin and wrapper dresses, and Mel B. (Scary Spice) was one of the celebrity judges.

You can see the winner, fashion designer Danilo Gabrielli, in the pictures below. It took him 14 hours over two weeks to make the two Subway dresses he submitted. The fashion show was called Project Subway (obviously inspired by Project Runway), and it was part of New York Fashion Week. It was meant to inspire people to try a Subway sandwich during their September (SUBtember) $5 Footlong promotion.

This isn’t the first time I’ve written about dresses made from unusual materials. We’ve seen dresses made from colorful rubber bands, LEDs, plastic bottles, bananas, old book pages and even candy wrappers. My favorite one over the years is definitely the Dress Made From Gummy Bears. If I wore that gummy dress, I’d be naked by the end of the night since I wouldn’t be able to keep from eating the dress. These Subway napkin and wrapper dresses are way better looking that I would have expected. It’s such great marketing too!

Fashion Show With Subway Sandwich Dresses







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