Cover Your iPhone With This Foxy Doodle

Lots of us like to doodle. In fact, I waste a lot of time doing it when I should be working, but few of us are able to take it to the level of artistry shown on this original iPhone cover called the Fox Cub Dream. This gorgeous illustration was created by Pete Katsiaounis with a regular ballpoint pen, which just shows that you don’t need expensive tools or equipment to make beautiful art.

I love everything about this illustration. The way the sleeping fox has curled up while his dreams unfold. The bricks almost enclosing him, giving it a cosy feel in contrast to the city scene in the distance. The cross hatching and hand drawn quality of the image really draw you in, and the background texture just enhances the vintage vibe. It’s definitely an image you can enjoy again and again, which is handy if you cover your phone with it.

The illustration was created as an entry for a RedBubble contest, which had the brief to remember a time before mobile phones, when everyone kept a notepad and pen by the phone and doodled. He certainly nailed the brief, and went on to win the the contest, despite lots of strong competition. Since winning the contest, Fox Cub Dream has also been featured in the Chicago Tribune.

You can find out more about the creator of this cover, talented artist and thoroughly nice gentleman, Pete Katsiaounis, by visiting his website Ink and Manners. All his illustrations are beautifully intricate, and he is able to work in a range of styles and mediums, from conventional graphic design to manga. Be sure to check out his steampunk work below, as it is simply brilliant. You can buy the case, and check out other work available from the artist here.

Ballpoint Doodle Cover For iPhone

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Steampunk Illustration By Pete Katsiaounis

A Pete Katsiaounis Steampunk Illustration

Via: [RedBubble] Image Credits: [Ink and Manners]