Indescribable Photorealistic Ballpoint Pen Illustrations

I don’t think doodling is as widespread as it used to be when we all had phones with cords at home. Back then, we always had a paper notebook to scribble down numbers and doodle in. Today we’re always on our way somewhere, whether it is to the kitchen or to work, and that makes it virtually impossible to doodle anything at all. It’s kind of sad when you think about it since some of the artwork we managed to put together was quite… intricate. I wouldn’t want to say beautiful (even though I am sure some people out there were quite good at it) since our brain was occupied talking and our hand just doodled random patterns and motifs.

Master ballpoint pen artist Shohei managed to get his art to go viral before, and that could only be a testament to the skillful set of talents he is blessed with. The art, many times mind blowing, is all created using just a ballpoint pen and a blank piece of paper that gradually grows into some out of this world photorealistic motifs which were imprinted in Shohei’s mind. How he manages to pour out the detail and shadows to match any texture or material in the real world is just beyond me.

When looking at his latest collaboration with Carhartt for their spring/summer collection ad campaign, you are immediately struck by the intense and focused perfection of each pen stroke. Have a look at the included video, and you will become a fan for sure. The skillful lines and the ease that Shohei creates with his art are almost silly in so many ways. Try creating the shadows, texture and expressions yourself with a ballpoint pen and you will most likely find that it is almost impossible. Well, not impossible for this artist who I imagine has been perfecting his skills for many many years. His art truly deserves all the attention it can get.




Via: [Illusion]