Cozy Up On A Demon Rug By The Fire? Maybe Not!

Every New Years Eve, here in Sweden, we have this show that entails a bear rug on the floor which a butler always stumbles over when serving the lady of the house. When I was a little boy, I used to think it was hilarious, but the excitement sort of dies down a bit as the years pass I guess. However, the rug in itself is a beast of a bear, and I have always wondered why someone would want to put a rug on the floor with the head still attached. I mean, sure I would understand a fur rug and all since it is truly warm and cozy, but why is the head still attached to it? Is it because you want to show off that kill or because of some other really odd reason? I might never know, but I have always found it a little bit creepy and weird. But then again it’s just me I guess.

Miss Monster herself, Melita Curphy, has one of the coolest websites around, and she sells some geeky stuff that you just have to check out. Among her stuff, I found a Demon Rug that has to be one of the sickest (in a cool way) rugs anyone can sport in their home. Who wouldn’t want to have the bragging rights that they hunted and took down a demon all by themselves, and that it now lies in front of that fire in the basement?

Her creations are all in the creepy cool genre, and there is stuff for everyone’s wallets. You can find everything from cellphone accessories to masks and costumes. So if you want to get just a little bit creepier, then you should definitely have a look at her website and her Etsy store!