Crazy Cool Phone Book Sculptures – Recycling Inspiration

Does anyone really use phone books anymore? I know I haven’t in years. The moment I get them, I immediately throw them in the recycle bin. My mother is the only person I know that still uses a phone book. Everyone else I know uses the Internet to find phone numbers. featured an article about the environmental impact of phone books. It’s mind blowing the number of trees, the amount of water and other natural resources that are used to produce phone books.

Artist Alex Queral decided to recycle his old phone books in a very creative way. He carves famous people into these books with a very sharp knife, some acrylic and a whole lot of inspiration. He’s been creating about two phone book carvings each month for fourteen years. This obviously takes a lot of patience too. He says, “Nearing the end of the carving and then suddenly having it ruined by a careless cut can be pretty crushing. You have to start all over again.”

[via 1800recycling, cmybacon]