Create Your Own Googly-Eyed Zombie Pumpkins

Here in the States, many people leave pumpkins on their porch for decorations in October and November. Some people carve them, and some people don’t. I like to gut my pumpkins and collect all the pumpkin seeds from the inside. If you heat them in a frying pan for about five minutes and then sprinkle them with either sugar or salt (depending on your mood) they make a great afternoon snack.

One of my favorite pumpkin carvings I’ve seen to date is this predator carving, which is just fantastic. I even tried to make my own extreme pumpkin carving last year, but it didn’t turn out quite the way I wanted it to. It’s tricky to maneuver a knife through thick pumpkin skin. I suppose that is why many experienced pumpkin carvers use ice cream scoops, melon ballers, potato peelers and other tools that might offer a little more precision.

This year, I’ve decided that instead of carving a pumpkin the traditional way, I’m going to make some of these zombie pumpkins. These are on the Martha Stewart website, and they look totally simple to make. If you go to the tutorial here, you’ll even find a mouth template that you can download. I think part of the charm with these is that the pumpkins themselves are white (or pale). These are just the cutest things ever, and if you decide to make some for yourself, please come back and leave a picture so we can see!

Halloween Thanksgiving Zombie Designed Pumpkin

Halloween Thanksgiving Zombie Designed Pumpkin