Create Your Own Photoshop Brush – Video Tutorial

Alright, there’s so many tutorials out there that talk about how to create this and how to achieve a certain text effect using the tools in Photoshop. Believe me, I have done my fair bit of them. But it’s not often you see how to create the actual tools themselves in Photoshop. With tools I don’t mean the plug-ins or the actual tools available. I mean the brushes, shapes and stuff like that. Stuff you can download or create yourself.

Well, i took the time to hunt down some of the better ones (even though the video quality is sometimes questionable) and thought I’d present them to you. This time I have found some video tutorials that deals with how to create brushes in Photoshop. Brushes are one of the greatest tools in Photoshop which allows you to add vast or small details of already created work in just a few seconds.

Once you master the technique you can significantly speed up your turnaround time when working in Photoshop. Design things you know you will be able to recycle over and over and create your own custom brush library. It’s such a great thing to have for any designer.

Create Your Own Custom Photoshop Brushes

How to Make A Brush in Photoshop

How to Make Burshes in Photoshop CS2