Creative and Fun Pothole Artistry

Potholes are annoying and destructive. They can wreck your car’s suspension, distract cyclists and worst of all, running into one can make you spill your latte all over your freshly cleaned suit (been there, done that).

However, like with everything else, some happy do-gooders are making lemons out of lemonade. According to, After Davide Luciano and Claudia Ficca, artists from Montreal, had to pay $600 in car repairs from hitting a pothole; they decided to make potholes the theme for their next photography project.

What happened next was creative, inspiring and will make you look at potholes a little differently from now on. They staged photography around the potholes by creating interesting scenes. Their work has become so popular that they have now photographed potholes in not only Montreal, but New York City and Los Angeles. This is a small sampling of their work.

Below is a twist on this pothole photography; these two companies have chosen to advertise using the same general concept. The Folgers ad is on top of a manhole cover, and the Pioneer Suspension ad is a series of pothole stickers, which by the way, have made motorists slow down on that road (nice side effect).

And, this post wouldn’t be complete without this adorable 30 second pothole commercial. It’s one of my favorites! This is how we talk in the South (well, some of us). :)