Creative Sculptures Made Out Of Human Beings

We are very inspired by creative artistry, and we’ve featured a lot of different types of sculptures on Bit Rebels. However, I think this could be the first time we’ve ever written about sculptures made out of… well… human beings.

The closest I’ve seen to this is this typography installation made with a typeface created from humans, but still, these sculptures are very different. The pictures below are from a recent presentation on the streets of lower Manhattan called “Bodies in Urban Spaces” by choreographer Willi Dorner. This performance was a follow up to a similar one in 2009.

As you can see, the performers stood on top of each other and got in all kinds of unusual positions (even wrapping themselves around a fire hydrant) to achieve this colorful, artistic look. The purpose of this presentation was to explore the relationship between body, space and architecture.

Almost as interesting as these photos themselves are the comments all over the web about this. So many people are saying things like, “This is pointless” and “This is art?” To me, art is any form of self-expression. When it’s colorful and eye-catching, and when it makes you do a double take, as these photographs do, then to me, it just confirms that yes, this is art. So, with that logic, does that mean when American football players make a tackle and form a huge pile on the field, that is art? Hmm… I suppose the debate continues.

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