Creative Toilet Designs | Bathroom Inspiration

Wow, I’ve never written an article about toilets or bathrooms before, this is fun. I’m sure you will agree with me that most toilets are completely boring. I was at a very progressive sushi restaurant in Little Five Points today (a trendy area of Atlanta) and their bathroom inspired me to write about toilets.

This place had a peep hole in all the bathroom stalls where someone could peek in. Some women wouldn’t use the bathroom because of this, but I decided to give it a try. At first it seemed a little strange, but I quickly decided it was so much more fun than the standard boring bathroom stall.

Since I drink a lot of water, I’m in the bathroom a lot, and it sure would be fun to get a little inspiration while I’m in there for a minute or two every hour. These toilet designs are so creative! Can you imagine having some of these in your house?

Interior design has come so far in the past decade, but not for the bathroom. My bathroom looks the same now as it did in the house where I grew up. I think it’s time to add a little creativity to that often times neglected room of our house!

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