Crochet Headphones: For Them Cold Days!

It’s winter here in Sweden, and it’s one of the coldest most snowy ones in many years. Plow trucks are patrolling the streets 24/7, and you constantly hear the scraping of metal against the ground. It’s like they are trying to beat the snow before the new snow hits the ground but without success. Outside my window there are piles of snow that probably measure twelve to fifteen feet in height, and God knows what in width and depth. Just dragging your heels to the office has become a make it or break it endeavor. You really think twice before heading out, and you wish that you could just slip on those headphones, press play and be somewhere else. Somewhere warmer.

That’s when a pair of Crochet Headphones would come in handy, if they actually existed that is. And here comes the surprise, they do! (Huge shocker, right? Woot!) These badboys are designed and created by Traci Medeiros-Bagan (and also a few others on Etsy for example). Slip these on, and you will never freeze your ears off ever again. And you even get to listen to music during the time your ears comfortably slip into this warmer habitat.

So, if you’re located somewhere freezing, and you want your ears to stay warm and cozy, then I suggest you invest in a couple of crochet headphones for the geeky price of $40.00 over at Uncommon Goods. If wearing headphones was ever cool, these will certainly destroy any cool you wish to have. Geeky, though, is a WHOLE other thing! Brilliant!