CS5 User Interface Mod – Amazing! | Photoshop

Working in the same environment day out and day in can get somewhat tedious and boring. I usually do something to make each day different whether it is just taking a trip to a nearby Internet cafe or switch to another location at home or in the studio. These small things can really do wonders for the work morale. However, one thing that can get even more uninspiring is the same view in your software’s that you use everyday to get through the work load. In some you can change the background but that is like changing the light from darker to brighter, not much of a fix really, right?

But, I recently found a picture of what must be the most creative user face modification so far. Just looking at it makes me wish there was something I could do in Photoshop to make it look just like that. I find new details all the time. It doesn’t really matter how much or how long I look at it, it still gives me more and more inspiration. Imagine picking up a real brush or a sponge to do your daily work. Painters really do have an advantage in their work, right. But what I mean is, imagine picking up a real brush in your software that behaves just like a real brush.

That would be the ultimate goal for Adobe I think. But we’re well on our way. Just take a look at my latest article where some Photoshop CS5 features are showcased. Adobe, if you read this, please make my user interface ultimately cool, just like this one!

Adobe Photoshop - User Interface