Custom Bulk Bag 101 – The Basics For Designing Customized Bulk Bags

The Bulk Bag is a custom-made bag designed to hold and distribute bulk products. These custom-made bags are created for manufacturers and distributors of food, condiments, spices, pet foods, fertilizers, and more. The concept of the custom bulk bag was originated in 1982 by Jeff Barlow who wanted to find a solution to the problem that existed with traditional polybags: they were unable to be sealed effectively at their bottom seam leading them to split open during distribution.

In order to solve this issue, he developed a custom design called the “Bulk Bag” which solved these problems by sealing its seams on two sides instead of one as well as providing an easy closure system at its top opening where you can simply close it with Velcro. Read on for custom bulk bags manufacturers’ tips on how to design customized bulk bags!

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What Is A Bulk Bag

A Bulk Bag is a type of shipping container that has varying capacities. A bulk bag can be made out of paper, polyester film, animal hair canvas, plastic films such as PVC/PE/HDPE, nylon fabrics reinforced with fiberglass thread, or metalized PVDF fabrics.  Bulk bags are often used to transport products in various industries – including meat packaging, food packaging, agricultural products, bulk liquids, and solids for commercial purposes.

Why Customize Your Bulk Bag

The custom printing process allows you to put your name, logo, or any other graphics on certain parts of your bags. It is a simple and cost-effective way to get the recognition you deserve while carrying your items in style.

Bulk bags help businesses keep a streamlined inventory. They offer a variety of configurations and come fully stocked, ready to use with gloves and strainers for customer service. Bulk bags make it easier to stock shelves with products on hand. It is important that everything on display be as fresh as it can be because shoppers will only pick something up if they think it is the best choice available.

How To Design Your Own Bulk Bags

There are many factors to consider when designing one’s own bulk bag, not the least of which is resistance. The design must account for factors such as ventilation, weight distribution, how much liquid should be in the bag at once, size, and location of handles.

Semi-transparent plastic makes it easier to see what’s inside for visual identification purposes. Fasten the inside bottom edge to make it less likely that liquid will spill out while carrying or pouring. A way to prevent dust from being sucked into open vents between bags is by cutting an X across the top of each vent opening with wire cutters. Another helpful tip is adding a “pull” rope that can be pulled tight around items in the bag.

The Importance Of Using Quality Materials For Bulk Bags

A lot of bulk bags manufacturers offer their products as a commodity, and not as the valuable resource they actually are. A profitable company will make sure all their raw materials are sourced from sustainable agriculture and forestry practices; that they use wormeries instead of chemical dyes; and that they’re part of like-minded stewardship for our environment. Customers should ask to see if the company works with any sustainable certification programs or groups, such as “USDA Organic” or “Green Seal.”

Global trade is vital to sustainability on every level. Buying quality goods rather than cheap ones support local economies, reduces pollution by reducing shipping distances, and stimulates the world’s economy by supporting small businesses around the globe!

Common Mistakes Made When Buying Bulk Bags For Businesses

It is always a good idea to check if the bag has been resealed or tamper-proof since, as we all know, it’s very easy to “refurbish” a product and replace one’s original seal with another so as to make the product seem like new. It may be wise for you to use your own personal sealer or tamper-proof tape on the package so that the customer will notice if there is anything amiss when they open it up. To minimize storage space and maintain bulk, both small and large bags should always be stored horizontally.

Tips On Purchasing The Right Size And Shape Bulk Bags For Your Business Needs

If you’re buying from a bulk bags manufacturer that allows you to customize the size and bulk of the bag, then buy as small as possible. This will give your customers more options for what they can do with their bags. For example, if it’s a product like coffee, including mini-bag sizes offers a greater variety to your customers and can lead to return purchases later on down the line. But if this is one set size, make sure to secure enough space for storage before ordering because these bags will not fold or collapse.

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