Decorative Eastern Eggs: Choose One To Help Japan

Just this week I found out that one of my office mates is really into art. He is one of the account executives who I work with everyday, and I had a blast looking at his creations. He creates each one from memory and paints them with oil and acrylic. It is always inspiring to share designing experiences with fellow artists. He shared a very cool website with me during one of our conversations. It is called Eastern Eggs. The site features decorative eggs that were sent in by various illustrators and designers from all over the world.

The eggs were designed using a special machine called the  Egg-Bot. The Egg-Bot is an open-source robot that can draw on any spherical or egg shaped object. It’s a pretty cool machine because it can print on anything that might normally be impossible to print on, and it is very precise. Go visit the site, and you will see the very cool designs. Not only that, but if you decide to buy an Eastern Egg, the proceeds from your purchase will go to Red Cross Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund which helps the victims of Japan. All you need to do is choose from one of their brilliant designs, send in your donation amount, and provide your delivery details. When they have confirmation of your order, they will tell you when your egg is going to be printed. You may even have the opportunity to watch it being created via a webcam.

Eggs Designed by Various Artists

Image Credit: [Eastern Eggs]