Delicious New Trend: Websites Created Out Of Chocolate

I have a trend alert for you, and it tastes delicious! Have you ever seen a chocolate website? I’m not referring to a website that sells chocolates or that is designed to look like chocolate. I’m talking about a website that is actually made out of chocolate. It seems like a bizarrely wonderful concept, doesn’t it?

I’ll give you a brief history of what has transpired in the world of chocolate websites over the past few months. In April, Whittaker’s launched the world’s first website made out of chocolate. They created each of the buttons on the site to look like pieces of their delicious chocolate bars. Andrew and Brian Whittaker spared no expense in time or details. The site took countless hours to create, and everything down to the chocolate breaking sound bytes was considered. They created the entire website from chocolate then carefully photographed everything to complete the site. You can experience it at Whittaker’s.

Even though Whittaker’s will always be known as the first chocolate website, they are no longer the only one. Sagres, a Portuguese beer maker, recently released their chocolate flavored beer (nom nom). To launch their new product, they created a chocolate website of their own which is pretty impressive. They commissioned Victor Nunes, who is well known for his chocolate sculptures, to help them with all the design details.

From what I’ve read, there are now several other companies in the process of creating their own chocolate websites. We’ll have to wait to see what develops over the next few months. Chocolate makes me happy, and all this talk about chocolate websites makes me want to dance in a chocolate dress. Okay, maybe not, but when I’m all alone at night… I might lick my computer screen or try to take a bite out of my laptop.

Vintage Dress Created With Chocolate

To learn more about the specifics of how the Whittaker’s website was made, head over to Campaign Brief. You can also view a video that shows the process on their chocolate website at Whittaker’s.

Whittaker's Website Made From Chocolate

To learn more about the Sagres chocolate website, simply click over to Somos Gulosos. The very first screen verifies that you are over 18 years old (because it advertises a chocolate flavored beer). You can also view the video below which shows the making of the site itself. What do you think of this idea?

Sagres Chocolate Beer Site

Websites Created From Chocolate

Via: [Campaign Brief] [Oddity Central] Image Credits: [Prafulla] [nnIKOO deviant art]