Design: Cozy Knitted Sweaters For Your Coffee Mugs

I have a confession to make. Normally I wouldn’t put this in an article, but since I tweeted it to my friend today, I guess it’s public information anyway. Last night, I slept with my winter gloves and scarf on. And, yes, I sleep inside the house. I have central heat, but it’s just so unusually cold in Atlanta this year that I have to go to extremes to stay warm. When I was in NYC in December, my hands started bleeding because it was so cold. Like @Minervity says, if I lived in Sweden where he lives, I would probably die from the frigid cold. That is true. Lol

So, you can understand why I got so excited when I saw this little design below. These are little knitted sweaters for our coffee and tea mugs. They serve two purposes. First, they help to keep our coffee or tea hot. Secondly, they keep us from burning our hands when we hold the mug, yet, at the same time; they give us a little warm cozy pocket for our fingers (see the pictures below).

As if all that isn’t cute enough, the collection, designed by Beata Faron, is called “Brr.” According to Behance, they are made from wool and encapsulate heat coming from the hot mugs so our hands stay warm. There is also a silicone band inside which keeps it from sliding off the cup. I don’t know if or where these can be purchased, but if I knew, I would buy a set today!

Image Credit: [The Trendy Girl]