Design Inspiration: The Lego Headquarters In Russia

As you probably know, Richard, Misty and I all live in different countries. Even though we work well together through emails, Skype and direct messages on Twitter, we’ve often talked about what it would be like to have a Bit Rebels office in a location where we could all work in the same space.

When that office exists someday, we will definitely make it fun. We want to surround ourselves with games, gadgets, toys and colors that inspire us. In addition to the newest games, there will have to be plenty of retro old-school video games like Pac-Man, Space Invaders, Tetris and Frogger. Since all three of us love Star Wars, I’m sure we’ll have some Star Wars inspired goodies there also.

When I envision that office in my mind, I know it wouldn’t be complete without tons of colorful Lego bricks everywhere. How cool would it be to have a big ‘ol box of Legos on your desk for the ultimate five minute break? So, you can understand why I got excited when I saw these pictures on English Russia of the Russian Lego Headquarters. I think if more offices followed Lego’s lead and embraced their decor so their employees would feel more inspired and creative, productivity everywhere would go up! This would be the dream office with Lego inspiration everywhere!