Disk-it: The Most Creative Post-It Notes Ever

Everyone is familiar with post-it notes. If you’re not, then you must seriously be from another planet or even another galaxy. To date, there have probably been billions and billions of post-it notes sold, and they have even become an on screen application that a lot of people continuously use in order to remember things they don’t want to forget. In the beginning, they were yellow and they stayed that way for a very long time. Eventually, people started to think out of the box and they added colors to the batches. Imagine that!

Well, someone that is not working at 3M (but probably should) has done what 3M couldn’t do. This person created the ultimate post-it notes for us geeks. It is the ultimate way of remembering our origin and where it all started. Of course I’m talking about the diskette. While incorporating this highly retro theme, they managed to create a truly amazing little batch of square paper note-it’s.

It’s just that little design feature that makes these bundles of beauty the perfect accessory for programmers, developers and designers. I would personally not mind plastering these all over my workstation and even all around the office just to see these retro gadgets in paper form being revealed in front of me wherever I go.

The nostalgic value of these is 100% guaranteed and whenever they become available (if they become available), I will be the first in line to purchase a box. I mean, c’mon who wouldn’t be impressed when coming to the office and finding these all around the desk… huh… huh? Props to Burak Kaynak for coming up with these 3.5 inch diskette post it notes. Props!