Disney Goes Dead: Ariel & Snow White Zombiefied

The Disney princesses are starting to be like Star Wars and Lego to me in the sense that I’m seeing new, creative interpretations of them introduced almost every day. It’s hard to believe that a line-up of fictional ladies could be such a huge source of inspiration for so many people, but apparently they are. I love the princesses, and I always enjoy writing about them when I see unusual redesigns and mashups.

For your daily zombie fix, I’d like to share with you an Ariel and a Snow White princess zombiefied. I really like these because it’s one of the few styles I’ve seen where they aren’t smiling the big smiles they are famous for. Well, they are smiling, but in a dead sort of way.

These were created by flickr user DreiKo, and if you visit his photostream, you’ll see all kinds of unusual and inspiring art. There’s even an abstract Star Wars print in there that will blow your mind. I never thought I’d see the princesses turned into zombies, but I have to admit, the look is very flattering. I mean, from a zombie perspective, have you ever seen prettier zombies? Miss Piggy, on the other hand, cold use a little help making her dead muppet zombie look work. You can check out more zombies on flickr by checking out the zombie art group.



Via: [thaeger]