Disney Princesses Redesigned As Real Women

We’ve written about the Disney princesses a lot on Bit Rebels. We’ve seen them as Vogue magazine supermodels, we’ve seen them being naughty, and we’ve even seen them being badasses, but one way we’ve never seen them before is as real women.

I’ve seen so many little girls over the years love those Disney princesses, and all you have to do is walk through the girls section of the toy store to know how popular they are. Young girls want to play with them, dress up as them and pretend to be them. However, as we all know, those princesses are a lot more like Barbie dolls than real women.

Artist Jace-Wallace decided to take on the task of redesigning these beauties into human beings. As you see, in real life, they aren’t quite as skinny, their hair isn’t quite as perfect, and their facial features look a little more realistic. Our individual looks are not imperfections if they don’t match what society dictates is perfect, as a matter of fact, they are what make us unique and special. I think these women are even more beautiful than the originals. You can learn more about Jace-Wallace on her deviantART page or on her website at Wakkawa.

Snow White As Human Being

Cartoon Women As Human Beings

Ariel As A Human Being

Mermaid As Human Being

Snow White As Human Being

Ariel As A Human Being

Belle As A Human Being

Via: [Geeky Tyrant]